FOB Food Innovation Idea Challenge 2020

FOB Food Innovation Idea Challenge 2020

Food innovation idea competition aims to finding and bringing up the talents as well as the innovative ideas of food products that can be linked to boosting the immunity. It is also a great opportunity for the food product developer to innovate ideas for the post-Covid-19 situation to recovery the deviation of the national and international food business as well as global health. Therefore, we welcome all food scientists, technologists, engineers, nutritionists and professionals to join us to handle the situation and nourish the world.

The best three ideas will get interesting winning prizes and recognition certificates from the Food Organization, Bangladesh.

We would like to thank all the participants in the “FOB (Covid-19) Food Innovation Idea Challenge-2020″

Evaluation process:

  • Received ideas.
  • Shortlisted the ideas in accordance with submission criteria.
  • Distribution of the ideas.
  • Evaluate the scientific value of the ideas by the academic expert panel.
  • Evaluate the production feasibility of the ideas by the industry expert panel.
  • Collection and combine both evaluation reports.
  • Select winners.


Through the pre-registration stage, the evaluation committee expects a possible category (e.g., beverage, bakery & confectionary etc.) and product name of the idea including a short description (max. 300 words).

Pre-registration deadline: 12 December 2020 until 11:59 PM.

* Online Pre-registration platform

Final submission

Regarding the final submission, the evaluation committee expects to have a complete submission by using the suggested template and selection criteria which can be maximum of 4 pages and 2000 words. Please download your template here for the final submission.

We will accept your final submission until 13 December 2020, 11:59 PM.

Please send your final submission (both Microsoft Word and PDF file) to the email address:

We are excited to have your interested and fascinating ideas!